Harmonic Filters Solution: PMX team can design, implement and guarantee mutually agreed results, using either passive, active technology or a combination of both (Hybrid).

Passive Harmonic Filters

  • Detuned filters.
  • Tuned filters.
  • Broadband filters.
  • Nutrex Triplen filters.
Active Filters​
  • Digital control technology with FFT analysis
  • Entire frequency spectrum compensated up to the 49th order
  • FFT decomposes the current into its frequency Components
  • Possible to individually compensate for each harmonic component
  • Optionally selectable
  • Application: welding machines, induction furnaces, continuous loads and all types of motor drives
  • Application: welding machines, induction furnaces, continuous loads and all types of motor drives
Hybrid Filters
  • The most energy efficient solution harmonic distortion filter.
  • The most reliable solution.
  • Simultaneous Solution for mixed Voltage Scenarios.
  • Most cost optimized solution
  • SimultaneousPower Factor Correctionand Harmonic Filtering.

Hybrid Harmonic Filter

You may have noticed that nonlinear loads are causing problems to your electric and electronics systems that you are using in your business? If you have noticed such then you need to have Harmonic Distortion Filter implanted so that you can cut down the nonlinear loads and have safety at your organization. Now you may be thinking of where to buy such or have them installed. We at Power Matrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd will always be happy to help you out with our customized products that have the backing of years of experience. Let us know some facts so that we can choose the best Filters for our usage.

What is Harmonic Filters – An insight

These low pass filter passive and passive high pass filter are produced using different sets of capacitors, the inductors, and the resistors that pass the harmonic current produced to ground. The filter may contain various such sets which can be used for deflection of harmonics that are produced by specific frequencies. There are various advantages of using such filters. They can be used to eliminate the following:

  • Heating in motors, the transformers and the cables.
  • Decrease electric loss that occurs in cores of transformers and rotors of motors.
  • Reduce torque distortion by usage of passive bandpass filter Solution.
  • Reduce the chance of erratic behavior of electronic equipment.
  • Reduce the chance of having logic faults in the digital services.
How to have relieved from such effects

The way that is advised by experts to have such relief is by the usage of Passive Bandpass Filter. If we broadly classify the working nature of these filters, then it can be seen that it does the following:

  • It helps to have controlled injection of current from the side of the source of electrical systems.
  • It helps to reactive current to the current form for the poor displacement power factor.

The working models of these filters like Power Factor Correction Capacitors are

  • They measure the harmonics produced.
  • Stimulate the filters.
  • They analyze the effect and bring out a report.
  • They specify and propose
  • Then they supply and commission the effect.

The various advantages that we can have by such implementation

There are certain advantages that we can have such implementations. They are:

  • The sizing and the duration of function of the electrical pieces of equipment used can be optimized.
  • Helps in reduction of the heating of the equipment used by you.
  • The service life for single-phase machines is increased by 32%, those for three-phase by 18% and those of transformers by 5%.
  • The production process that you have can be continuing. There would not be any nature of downtime to hamper your production.
  • You do not have to bother about the loss of equipment due to improper current supply. Your electronic devices like the computers, servers and telephones that you use will be protected from the effects of harmonic current.
  • They help you to have a steady supply of current where there will be no voltage fluctuation.
  • The electric bill that you pay will be reduced. This is one of the most noticeable advantages you could have by applying such implementation.

There will be considerable improvement in the optimization of the network.

If you need such best harmonic filters in Mumbai and have all the desired advantages, then you certainly need to be at Power Matrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All the products that we make available for you are made following the standards of harmonic limits as specified in ISO 9001: 2008, CE and IEEE 519-1992.



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