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Founded in the year 2000 by a team of technocrats all armed with Postgraduate degrees from the USA, PMX today boasts of more than two decades of combined experience among its founders in the domain of the Power industry.

We aim at becoming EVERY Customer's Most Preferred Supplier/ Partner for Solving Power Quality Issues through - Review of the electrical problems

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Our Products
Our flagship, a complete Power Conditioning Solution by the PMX experts.
maxVar / maxVar Ty
Automatic Reactive power compensation units contactor and thyristor based designed from 20 KVAR all the way upto 1200 KVAR in a single system
maxVAR-D / maxVAR-DTy
Reactor protected reactive compensation systems designed to provide harmonics filtering and higher protection in non-linear environments.
Introducing the vacuum technology capacitor with one of the best overvoltage and over current withstand capabilities along with long lasting polyurethane duroplastic design.
Tuned Filter
These are tuned at one or more of the resonant frequencies generated by non-linear loads and designed to give a high level of aborption type filtering
Active Harmonic Filter
pmx experts offer Active Filter Systems which guarantee effective compensation even in the presence of highly asymmetrical loads
State Vector
A portable hand-held Power Quality Analyser capable of analysing your network power quality and lots of reporting.
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